What would a car be without the paint job

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Now that you know everything you need to know about modern auto paints, here is a short history of car dyeing!

What is the thing that a car buyer spends most attention to when looking for a new car? No, you missed, it’s neither the dashboard, nor the gearbox. Even not the seats. The thing he inspects the most is the exposed parts – paint coating, its tone and luster. In the past, however, things were different.

Just as the technical aspects of cars and what lies under the hoods have changed, so have the colors and color technologies. Oldschool paints have been replaced by a modern water based paints with a reduced amount of solvent.

You will be amazed, but the first real car – Benz Patent Motorwagen (more info on wikipedia article) – had NO paint. Karl F. Benz came up with an idea that black tar will be a superb way to protect the metal parts from possible corrosion.

oldest car_mercedes benz

Car era dates back to a time when two basic products: oil paint or lacquer on linseed oil base or when the product required extra high quality finish – on amber base. The expression amber paint was so deeply rooted in the auto industry that it was used long after the amber based lacquer paints were replaced with a synthetic binder.