Protect your car from thieves

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There are some common sense rules that can help you to be ahead of car thieves and, hopefully, diminish the likeliness to become their next victim. Well, to begin with, simple yet problematic for some individuals – always lock your car. Yes, even if you leave it for a few seconds to pay for your fuel at the gas station. Don’t forget to close the windows and the hatch if your car has one – there is no point in locking the front doors if you leave the back doors open, so to speak. It’s not only important to lock the doors while you are away, but also while you are driving in the car.

Some cars have a feature when doors lock automatically, but for some driver must do it manually. This might seem a minor issue, but you don’t want somebody to steal the backpack or purse lying in the back, believe me. Make sure the most valuable stuff can’t be easily seen. Thieves love traffic jams or moments when a car has simply stopped for a red light. It’s is also advised not to leave anything in a car once you have parked, even if it’s well hidden.

Statistics show that four out of every five cases, thieves smash out the window glass to access belongings (radios, smartphones, laptops and even clothes) left in the interior. It does not really matter whether it’s your driveway, a parking lot in a mall or a well-guarded underground parking. Next, if you see someone trying to rob or steal your car, use sound signals and flash with lights to draw attention. If there is absolutely nobody that can help you, hand over the keys to the attacker. Your health or life is not worth a macbook, money or even your car.

To continue, when in need to park a car in a public place, search for a surveillance cameras. People living in the other side of the law typically try to stay away from such places. Next, before leaving a car parking lot, avoid shifting the luggage compartment suitcases or clothes. Thieves are always seen in a long time the area in which they seek their potential victims.

Also avoid entering these parking lots when playing loud music, there is a high chance auto thieves will recognize an expensive audio system and you will end up being their next pray. Last, but not least, keep an eye on the car keys – store them in inside pockets as car thieves often work in joint venture with pickpockets. When at home, keep them away from doors and windows as criminals can easily copy electronic key-chips (that are used in cars equipped with keyless go system) or steal the old style keys with a simple fishing rod by pulling them through an open window, for example. You will lose not only the pair of keys, but also your car, so watch out!