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How to find the right car color tone for your super car

Sometimes it happens quickly. Sometimes it takes more time and is more complicated. But STANDOX is there to help you find the best fitting color tone for any car, even the most luxurious and unique one. Trust us, this is the best you can possibly get.

For most of the classic means of transportation it is particularly important to choose a color tone that is as close to the original as possible. Only this way the vehicle will be able to maintain its authentic nature and ancient history for decades. So the space for errors is small! For instance, what would be a Ferrari 250 GTO without its saturated dark red color of Ferrari? Or a Mercedes Benz 600 without its classic piano black tone? Unfortunately, decades ago the process of how the particular colors were prepared was not documented carefully. Or it simply was not done. Thus, it is nearly impossible to find information on many classic car color in the archives.

Most of the old cars have seen and gone through a lot – they have been driven in the sun, in the snow, have survived dozens of summers and winters. Original color, possibly, has worn out completely on some parts of the body panels, revealing the metal constructions. The drastic weather conditions have certainly left their marks on the paint job. Probably over the time it also has rusted, creating additional danger to the original color tone.

All of the above described are the two main reasons why STANDOX recommends photo spectrometer Genius and auto color tone detection Standowin to deal with problems quickly and more importantly, effectively!