About the merchandise

Q: What are the advantages of having titanium made car parts?
A: We manufacture all our exhaust systems from supreme grade titanium that is extremely resilient. It maintains its characteristic even under extreme conditions. In the same time it’s also ultra light what is really important to any purebred sportscar.

Q: Then what about your stainless steel?
A: Our stainless steel exhaust products are specifically designed to provide the most efficient balance of exhaust flow with high strength to weight ratio in order to make substantial performance gain across the power curve.

Q: What exactly Valvetronic is and how do I control it?
A: Valvetronic is a mix of variable valve lift and variable valve timing; together it allows you to control the movements of your car’s exhaust valves. Through the AEROGRAFIXS app or remote control you can cycle through 3 different modes. First one is OFF. In this setting valves are closed to maintain backpressure at low RPM to ensure additional torque. Second one is OPEN. In this setting valves are open for a full scale stream to deliver maximal performance. The last one is AUTO. You decide how the valves function by setting a RPM range or pedal’s depth.

Q: Which exhaust system is the most appropriate for my needs?
A: You have to decide this on your own. But here’s a quick tip: original equipment converters usually contain higher cells per square inch (CPSI) for filtration. We offer a 200 CPSI replacement to promote larger exhaust flow leading to an improved sound and performance. But to reach the maximum performance gain and sound, we advise our de-catted catalytic converters for uninhibited flow.

About the purchasing

Q: Does AEROGRAFIXS do bespoke services as well?
A : No, we do not offer any customization services as our systems are already set up to their optimal potential in the current settings.

Q: Can I buy the parts separately?
A: Of course you can. But there are some parts that we do not sell separately due to certain issues. Please contact us for a detailed information

Q: Does the catalytic converter or my car needs an adjustment so that everything would work properly?
A: No. AEROGRAFIXS system guarantees a perfect fit for any car.

Q: How long does it take to receive the parts?
A: On average, five to seven working days.

About the legal issues

Q: What sort of warranty scope does my catalytic converter have?
A: If you are the first buyer and is use the product according to the instructions, the warranty coverage is for a 1.5 (one and a half) years. However, the warranty is void if any modification/adjustment is made, if there are signs of improper installation process, and/or misuse of the product. Please see the Exhaust Warranty section below for a more detailed information. If the uncertainties are still in place, do not hesitate to reach us via credentials on contact page.

Q: What if I want to return the product?
A: You qualify to return the product(s) if the defect(s) is(are) in material and/or workmanship. In 10 (ten) to 20 (twenty) we will inspect and determine the reason of failure. Once your claim has been verified, we will provide a replacement free of any additional charge. For a more scrutinized information, please read the Exhaust Warranty section below or contact us directly.