AEROGRAFIXS guarantees its ECU tune to work smoothly, without any deformities. If you do not endeavor any detrimental action to the car, the tune will function substantially as promised.

The constrained warranty covers the software for 1 (one) year after it is purchased by the original user. In case you receive any authorized alterations during that year, they will be covered for the remainder of the warranty. The warranty only applies to the original user and the original vehicle and CAN NOT be transferred.

The warranty does not cover issues caused by your own actions or failures of not acting, illegal actions by the third parties or any other events beyond AEROGRAFIXS reasonable control.

Adjusting the engine’s performance by altering it’s software may cause an overload to the engine, resulting in expensive damage. The client takes into account these risks when making a decision to get or not to get and ECU tune. AEROGRAFIXS is not in any way responsible for damage to a vehicle of such a sort. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Read Q&A about AEROGRAFIXS Ecu Tuning service.