Frequently Asked Questions About ECU

Q: What is Engine Control Unit or ECU?
A: Engine Control Unit abbreviated as ECU in layman’s term is the mind that has a control over the engine. Such a system is common for all today’s complex vehicles from motorcycles to air crafts. Through a progression of strategically set sensors that gather information on chemical content, temperature, pedal angle and many others. Next, the collected information is processed and the engine performance altered to achieve the best engine performance possible.

Q: Why Should One Tune the ECU?
A: At a point when a car maker introduces a new vehicle, they need to consider all the distinctive working conditions that the vehicle will be subjected to and the diverse part’s of the globe they intend to sell it. Meaning instead of tuning the vehicle’s engine to its highest possible settings, car makers will compromise to compensate for scenarios such as, extreme environments and terrains, upkeep and fueling, various motor vehicle regulations and, yes, in order to make more money buy chagrining higher prices for the same engine but with higher power output!

Q: What Is ECU Remapping?
A: It is a name for a process during which a professional modifies ECU settings in various fields to create different range of responses. Typically it leads to an improved: spark timing, fuel injection and economy and many other factors. This, consequently, enhances the vehicle performance and the overall driving experience.

Q: How long does the ECU tuning process take?
A: Remapping will take up to 3-5 hours depending on many factors. The vehicle will also have before/after road test to check out that everything is working properly. We will also ask for your feedback, to be able to meet your needs as closely as possible.

Q: What if I don’t like the tune results?
A: In case you are not fully happy with the ECU tuning results, you can ask for a one time, free of charge re-tune within 7 (seven) days. But if there has been any hardware modification completed after the ECU remapping process, you will have to pay for the service!

Q: What About the Insurance?
A: We can not advise you on your insurance status; it is completely up to your whether or not to inform your insurance company about the customization. Some may be more tolerant than others, nonetheless, it is extremely difficult for them to detect any adjustments to the ECU, especially if they don’t have the right expertise and/or gear.

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