Dangerous maneuvers with a car

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Parking is one of the key things that the upcoming drivers have to learn in the driver’s courses. However, a correct execution of this maneuver during the exam does not guarantee a safe and successful parking in everyday situations, when pedestrians and vehicles are close.

Parking a vehicle can be a challenge not only for novice drivers as it requires more attention than driving at higher speeds over a wide and empty road.

When placing a large vehicle in a parking lot or by a crowded street in city center, the driver must not only to focus on finding an appropriate spot. Usually at the same time the driver has to multitask at this point: watch nearby vehicles, notice speeding cyclists and pedestrians crossing the street in illegal places.

Sometimes, when looking for a suitable spot, driver begins to hurry and fidget. This, hence, affects the parking maneuver execution. Situations like these, when everything must be done under a pressure and promptly, reveal the true driving skills

If you are not sure whether you will succeed with the first try, do not hesitate. Stop, go back and try again. Don’t stress out about what other drivers might think of you. Shunting in a parking lot is nothing unusual. We all are entitled to do it safely, even if takes more than a few seconds.

A lot of collisions in parking lots take place when drivers try to accurately place their cars in reverse, or when leaving a parking space.

One of the possible reasons is the limited visibility: it’s hard to see the nearby vehicles, motorists, cyclists or pedestrians. So, to minimize the risk of having an accident, perform all maneuvers at a minimal speed so you could have enough time to brake if necessary and stop immediately. Moreover, drivers should remember that taking a few looks in mirrors is not enough. You have to keep your eyes all around the vehicle to check that nearby surrounding is good to go.