AEROGRAFIXS stands for a strong and imperturbable belief of equipping the vehicle with the most progressive vehicle exhaust system technology that will challenge everything you have associated with performance driving. By fallowing a true passion of accomplishing the most power, unrepeatable sound and genuine versatility, we also construct supreme performance valvetronic exhaust systems. The true thing we sell is experiences, not the products!

A combination of Asian and European engineer knowledge and skills, AEROGRAFIXS is the pinnacle of modern design and exquisite assembling. Indisputably, our team is among the best producers of high-end performance exhaust systems in the aftermarket automotive industry today. We value the fact that every sports car is a sophisticated piece of art to meet the client desires and test their limits. Hence, the aftermarket replacements must have the capacity to push them beyond the possible.

AEROGRAFIXS exhaust products are 3D designed and manufactured to the specifications of each vehicle and handcrafted from titanium and stainless steel combo to guarantee a perfect fit. Car makers whose products we work include, but are not limited to: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Porsche (list of all brands we serve). All systems and their components are severely tested and faults averted to be sure that the ultimate reliability and performance is delivered to the customer. Our signature exhaust sound makes our customers completely speechless. We manage to pull this off by a complex chamber system inside the exhaust, we have everything a mad racer would want: starting from a low rev purr to a high pitch howl. But it’s not all! Our superior valvetronic technology enables a vast operation versatility. Make a decision what you want and simply press a button. Driver has all the power to rule them all. How it’s managed? Through an AEROGRAFIXS app that is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, it is possible to precisely gauge the performance of the supercar at that exact moment. It connects automatically to the Mobile OBDII Module that extracts ECU data and in real time relays it to you. The ECU readings are data logged at high data rates not found on any other commercial gadget. Our exclusive system includes a catalytic converter related fault codes clearing mechanism which keeps the vehicle running easily and optimally. Everything is as simple as written above! Plug-n-Enjoy! WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL LOVE IT!