Engine Control Unit Tuning

At AEROGRAFIXS, our main focus is to make the best performance improvement tuning with outstanding refinement with unparalleled reliability and signature customization. We have set excellent customer service, finest expertise guaranteed, but must of all – unforgettable driving experience – as our top priorities. We see our work more like an art, rather than a science!

Our leading engineer is an ex member of a WRC team with a vast experience on the OEM level. His scrutinized knowledge and skills are irreplaceable when it comes to defining the best combination of economy, longevity and most importantly performance. It is a genuine experience of watching him in work process, feeling the passion and technician skills in every action.

We see every car as a unique work of art. Each driver has his own unique driving style, hence wishing for different capabilities. Unlike many other car workshops, we see the driver’s involvement in the tuning process as a standard. Through a joint effort we carefully make a wish list that will be implemented afterward. Every AEROGRAFIXS employee is there to assist you to free your vehicle from the shackle of factory programed ECU. Upgrading acceleration, increasing fuel economy, enhancing engine performance, whatever the reason, we thrive so you could experience the true one of a kind driving sensation that has evaded you!


ECU Tuning Process

Our tuning process is not harmful or obstructive in any way. There is no need of ripping out the engine, no chip embedding or a messy re-wiring. Through the OBDII port, we add the AEROGRAFIXS control module through which ECU is upgraded by a simple software upgrade program. Everything is as simple as that. Plug-n-Enjoy is in everything we do! We do everything as fast as we can to get your vehicle out of our garage back onto the road. Smooth and dynamic power, with enhances reaction time, that can be customized to your desires. Check out other frequently asked quesions here.

tuning process

Why To Get an ECU Tuning?

Upgrading the ECU is beneficial to the overall vehicle’s motor performance. Removing the factory set limits on ECU optimizes the responsiveness and increases functional capacity. So that our customer’s would experience the most significant effect of the engine’s functional capacities, each class needs to be operating in harmony with one another. Altering entirely how the vehicle feels and performs is in customer’s hand.

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Eco Tune & Power Tune

There are two diverse tuning ways you can choose from: Eco tune and Power tune. Like the name suggests, Eco tune is crafted to provide to upgrade the efficiency side and reduce the vehicle’s carbon dioxide footprint. Change of certain ECU parameters can lower the lean out limits, alter air/fuel mixture, set different ignition timing. All of these changes combined results in a lower fuel consumption levels in both urban and rural circumstances. In other words, not only your vehicle becomes more environmentally friendly, but helps you to save money on your vehicle maintenance.

ecu tuning results_graph

The Power tune, as you can probably guess by the previous description, is a complete opposite. In this tuning path, most important aspect is the performance power. By identifying the best possible blends of ignition timing and air/fuel ratio at every rpm, along with many other factors, it’s possible to affect the vehicle’s power output. Get a performance equivalent to a hyper car at a much less price!

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