AEROGRAFIXS car repair and upgrade workshop – because cars is our passion and lifestyle.

Within the repair or improvement process we utilize the most noteworthy and environmentally friendly materials in order to bring the best possible results to our customer. We work with the newest and most innovative equipment and technologies, allowing us to complete custom activities of any sophistication. For instance, remove vehicle dents, door dings, hail damage of any kind applying paintless dent repair technique or mixing any kind of color to get an individual tone, or bending a car body from scratch in any shape the customer wants.

After precisely finding out the customer wish list and carefully examining the car’s current condition, we ALWAYS give a rough estimation of the final expenses. Optimized and continuously improved work process ensures outstanding price/performance services! Of course, there are certain risks of overhead involved, be work to mitigate them as much as we possibly can. We offer various types of approaches to complete the work list. Guarantee for our work is always in place!

Aeorografixs workshop pic

Please introduce yourself to the vehicle repair and upgrade stages at AEROGRAFIXS

work cycle infographics


Step 1: Vehicle transportation to AEROGRAFIXS workshop (if necessary)

Step 2: First time inspection; damage detection and photographic recording of defects

Step 3: Calculation of repair and/or upgrade (Ecu Tuning and/or Exhaust System Tuning) costs according to the customer’s desires

Step 4: Car dissembling

Step 5: Removal of parts, old paint etc.

Step 6: Sandblasting, welding and straightening, preparation for painting and painting itself, paintless dent repair, exhaust tuning, ecu tuning and other works

Step 7: Car assembling

Step 8: Car washing anti-rust treatment and polishing

Step 9: Testing that everything works properly

Step 10: Vehicle return to the customer