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paintless dent repair in phoenix, scottsdaleDent Removal Phoenix

We have partnered with a local mobile paintless dent repair Phoenix and Scottsdale company – DRP – for the services of paintless dent repair to remove dents, dings, hail and other sourced body damages that is a usual sight at the start of our restoration projects. We are yet to see a car come in to our shop that would have a 100% original and undamaged body work, but this is exactly the result we and our clients want to see at the end of our job. Our carefully picked out and chosen partners guarantee the services of professionally trained and qualified technicians, who with a combination of fluorescent light or light reflecting boards, special reading instruments and metal rods or body picks push the damaged panel from the inside back to the original position, straightening out the dent. We have opted for the paintless dent repair technique, as it ensures that the original paintwork is preserved in the restoration process, thus adding much greater value to the final result. Other advantages of using paintless dent repair to remove dents and bumps from the car’s body include – low costs, speed, applicability to both large and small damaged areas, approval and recommendations from car manufacturers and insurers, and it is environmentally friendly.

best colors for your car_standoxStandox

When restoration or tuning project requires a paint job we have selected Standox as our car paint supplier. Standox is an industry leading paint system manufacturer originating in Germany. Standox offers innovative and environmentally friendly car paint and paint systems all over the world. The main principle Standox operates with is long-term partnerships, offering premium quality product choices with a high level of practical support. Standox car paint series on offer include – Standoblue – a new base paint system, Standohyd – car paint on water base and Standocryl voc – top layer paint. Standox position as the industry leading supplier of car paint is best described by its position as the top choice in the car manufacturer niche. Standox not only ensures a perfect end result for the client, but also guarantees safety throughout the paint job service for the professional carrying out the job.


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